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A collection of gorgeous necklace designs

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 09:36 PM PDT

Women's are passionate about Jewellery as it is a symbol of femininity and even social status. It makes them feel beautiful, attractive and confident. It is inseparable part of personality in them which acts as cherry on the top to an overall outfit.

A beautiful form of jewellery is necklace. There are varieties of necklaces available in the marketplace. Some of them are made up of diamonds, some of pearl, some of gold and some of silver. However, in this blog, we are introducing you 15 amazing necklace designs that will blow your mind.

Have a look at these necklaces below:

Matching T-Shirts & Necklaces

These are the award winning t-shirts made by Luft und Liebe. It's very unique and creative as it is not only the t-shirt but the beautiful combination of t-shirt with necklaces.

Matching T-Shirts & Necklaces 2

Matching T-Shirts & Necklaces 3

Matching T-Shirts & Necklaces 1

Scissor Necklace

Cut It This Way Scissor Necklace

Tanama Diver Necklaces

This creative Tanama Diver Necklace is designed by Japanese designer Fukusawa Takayuki whose main aim is to create funny and playful deigns that brighten people's days.

Tanama Diver Necklaces 1

Tanama Diver Necklaces 2

The Rainbow and Dove Necklace

If you are looking for a rainbow after a rain then here is the beautiful form of rainbow with dove necklace. It's available here.

The Sun Necklace

Swinging Pinup Girl Necklace

This beautiful and amazing necklace is hand cut and soldered which is very intricate to make. The chain is attached to the “swing” and a pretty lady is swinging on it which is made up of oxidized sterling silver.


Wrecking Ball Pendant

Remember Miley Cyrus with wrecking ball? Here is the master piece of her wrecking ball posture.

Wrecking Ball Pendant

Wrecking Ball Pendant 2

Jewelry for DJs

Darkloud Silver has created a unique line of DJ jewelry consisting of rings and pedants in the form of urban music symbols. It was inspired by urban lifestyle and hip-hop culture.

Jewelry for DJs


Pizza BFF's Necklace

This pizza necklace consist of 8 slices and is sold per slice. Each slice is 18 inch silver plated chain necklace with lobster clasp closure.

Pizza 1

Pizza BFF's Necklace

A Wearable Planter

This creative necklace is available here.

A Wearable Planter

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Spectacular forest landscape carved in wood

Posted: 08 Sep 2014 09:16 PM PDT


A splendid piece that took almost two years to create. The result of the hard work of Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth, aka Tugboat, an artistic duo based in Pittsburgh.






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