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Best of Yanko Design 2011

50) Complete Me, Please! by Hsiang Wang | Permalink Hits: 70521

49) Samsung Galaxy Skin Concept Phone by Haeyon You | Permalink Hits: 76004

48) Racer Bike by Allen Chester G. Zhang | Permalink Hits: 76149

47) The Magic Spoon by Ivan Erkic | Permalink Hits: 76823

46) Biz Café by Youri Hong, Moonhwan Park & Hyoshin Kim | Permalink Hits: 77940

45) Switch Plug by Gonglue Jiang | Permalink Hits: 83241

44) Charge Battery by Yeon Kyeong Hwang & Mieong Ho Kang | Permalink Hits: 84896

43) Double U USB Port by Ma Yi Xuan | Permalink Hits: 86359

42) Secondary Growth by Omer Deutsch | Permalink Hits: 90324

41) Rapunzel Escape Device by Sin Sun Ho | Permalink Hits: 94658

40) Plug Cup by Dong Hun Seo, Geun Hyuk Yoo, Ki Sang Yoon & Yune Jae Bang | Permalink Hits: 96231

39) Ferrari Millenio by Marko Petrovic | Permalink Hits: 100393

38) Bottle Cap Sharpner by Yuchen Liu | Permalink Hits: 101115

37) Bell Tweeter by Samohvalov Sergey | Permalink Hits: 105604

36) Flexbook by Hao-Chun Huang | Permalink Hits: 108121

35) Finder by Chu Wang, Qiujin Kou, Qian Yin & Yonghua Zhang | Permalink Hits: 110755

34) Bairim Luxury-yacht by designer Timon Sager | Permalink Hits: 111562

33) The USB Watch by Yoon-jin Gon, Yoon-tae Myoung & Kim Sung Hun | Permalink Hits: 111787

32) Flip Phone by Kristian Ulrich Larsen | Permalink Hits: 111941

31) The BMW Ghost by Marko Petrovic | Permalink Hits: 124753

30) T&T Pen-ink Chamber by Han Chi-hoon, Kim Yeon-soo, Park Byong-gon & Kim Sung-geun | Permalink Hits: 139706

29) Villa Amanzi by Adrian McCarroll, Waiman Cheung & Jamie Jamieson | Permalink Hits: 149514

28) Gaming Pod Concept by Alan Li | Permalink Hits: 155531

27) Ashcraft Aria Headphones by Britt Ashcraft | Permalink: 156711

26) Twin One Knife & Fork Chopstick by DesignWright | Permalink Hits: 159565

25) Headphone or Speaker by Lu Chieh Hua | Permalink Hits: 161934

24) The Wool Ball Charger by Yuchen Liu | Permalink Hits: 163455

23) Collector USB Flash Drive by Fang-Chun Tsai | Permalink Hits: 165089

22) Paraplegic Scuba System by Emil Orman | Permalink Hits: 165856

21) Apple Universal Dock Tray by Hekseskudd | Permalink Hits: 176389

20) Floor Plan Switch by Taewon Hwang | Permalink: 176932

19) Engrain Tactile Keyboard by Michael Roopenian | Permalink Hits: 178895

18) Chalkeeper by Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo | Permalink Hits: 208347

17) Hyper Touch Guitar by Max Battaglia | Permalink Hits: 213075

16) Network Tube by Son Kijo, Joon Hyoung Seo, Uhm Hyung Woo, Choi JinYoung & Kim Junpyo | Permalink Hits: 237465

15) Writable by Tianyu Xiao | Permalink Hits: 239402

14) Digimo Camera Concept by Sangik Lee | Permalink Hits: 241186

13) Log Chop Bench by David Long & Antoine Morris | Permalink Hits: 248682

12) Tea-time by Pengtao Yu | Permalink Hits: 253020

11) The Cradle by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Cambell, Jeremy Brooker and Joya Boerrigter | Permalink Hits: 258234

10) Easy Drink by Hsu Hsiang-Min, Liu Nai-Wen & Chen Yu-Hsin | Permalink Hits: 279608

9) Lamborghini Yacht by Mauro Lecchi | Permalink Hits: 294807

8 ) Voronoi – Yacht by Hyun-Seok Kim | Permalink Hits: 303805

7) iQ Alarm Clock by Oliver Sha | Permalink Hits: 305305

6) Smile Alarm Clock by Kim Jungwoo, Ju Yongjun, Lee Jongmoo & Kim Taehwan | Permalink Hits: 320198

5) 1ℓimit Faucet by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh | Permalink Hits: 406690

4) Bento by René Woo-Ram Lee | Permalink Hits: 778658

3) Hug Chair by Ilian Milinov | Permalink Hits: 857165

2) Continuance by Haimo Bao, Hailong Piao, Yuancheng Liu & Xiameng Hu | Permalink Hits: 949425

1) TetraBox Lamp by Ed Chew | Permalink Hits: 973797


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Posted: 23 Dec 2011 12:03 AM PST
It’s the perfect time to invest in a new calendar- mostly because according the Mayans, it’s the last year you’ll need one!  I suggest this design by MAKE Collaboration. It’s a twist on the old-fashion wall calendar that displays the monthly timeline vertically, making it easy to read and eye-catchingly different. In addition to the included US holidays, you can personalize yours to include up to 36 items and 2 recurring events! Whatcha waiting for? Only a few days left until the new year! Get it here.
Designer: MAKE Collaboration


Yanko Design
Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
Yanko Design Store - We are about more than just concepts. See what's hot at the YD Store!
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Posted: 23 Dec 2011 12:01 AM PST
Inspired by the elegant form of the samurai sword by the same name, the Odachi Folding Bike can fold into itself and be worn on the user’s back much in the same way as the sword would be worn. Alternatively, it can also be pulled on the ground alongside the user. Made from bamboo fiberboard, the bike is both extremely strong and relatively lightweight.
Designer: Nick Domanski

Space Table
Posted: 23 Dec 2011 12:01 AM PST
The Volna table, by Turkish design studio Nuvist, is a sculptural and artistic piece that looks like something straight out of The Jetsons. Soft curves and fluid movement are captured in unbroken, continuous form that will accent the most modern of offices.
Designer: Nuvist Architecture & Design



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