Dial Concept Phone

The new trend in concept cell phones these days is turning retrospective, that is why we have the “Dial Phone” remember the era of the round dials on Fones. However difference lies in the present concept being touted as a fashion accessories that can be made in the metal of your choice; giving you the elegance of being, sporty, chic, or uber-rich. A projected light beam in the inner circle portray the rotary dial, but to dial the number, you need to simply touch it.its Quite interesting & among one of coolest gadgets.

Water Ball Ripples

The Ripple faucet sets a new trend of kitchen accessories , fun way to get inspired with water, this coolest gadgets of faucet called water ball ripples

Inspiration took from surface ripples, the faucet creates a visual attachment between the two. On top of the frosted ripple surface there is a metal ball. An array of electromagnetic sensors detects the position of ball. Movement of the ball out or in from the center controls water pressure. Which controls temperature.
The surface glows blue or red to designate how cold or hot it is. The 2 separate aspects combine the hot and cold water to get the perfect combination. Do not worry about blister yourself tho. The water in the hot water impart is not actually hot until it’s ready to be mixed thru flash heating.

Solar Power Blind Air Conditioner

Blinds attached with the windows do nothing except hanging and shading the room from the sun lights. By adding in some engineering tech like giving it some Solar Power, plus pesto you got the Blind Air Conditioner! Air Conditioner that doubles up as blinds & obtain green power from the sun.

Transparent Fragility Bluetooth Headset

This Bluetooth Headset into something ornamental & elegant, Designer Ilshat Garipov almost made the complete ornament coolest gadgets. He targeted the women and get inspired by the formation of a water drop-let by putting cool piece into it, placing a single button for ending and receiving calls make that bluetooth headset more perfect.

BMW Halb

Some one would have ask for tiny motorcycle, some for fast and some for safe one.. its very difficult to find a motorcycle having all in one. But there is bike called “Halbo” make ur dream comes true, its very fast very dangerous, It’s tiny & it’s got a front wheel motor combined with sphere form rear wheel.

Its electrical power also, the front wheel of it is stationary while the back. Tail. Turns to right.

Designer: Pierre Yohanes Lubis

Full Name: Future Duo-Wheel Transport BMW Halbo Pierre Yohanes Lubis

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The Scooter Desk

The “Scooter Desk” is a standing-aid wheelded chair included with writing tablet. It works as a mobile touch down station for infrequent short official tasks. It can be converted into 2 person scooter desk.

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iRing Controls Your iPod

iRing is a stylish design or source of wireless Bluetooth connectivity with your iPhone & iPod, iRing entertaining you to control playback & volume control to your Apple media devices. iRing have a bright “OLED” status display with touch-sensitive function strip & a rechargeable battery life is up to two days. handily recharge your iRing using the included hold. Its unique ring-lock & minimal size mechanism make it an ideal companion for charging and storing your iRing.

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In-spiral Bangle Watch

Crystal kings “Swarovski” have pull off to invigorate yet another concept design. “In-spiral” bracelet, bangle/watch design looks unexceptionable on a wrist or on a desktop. This inveigh system design adjust through every other locks & line magnetically.

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Primal Earbones

It is a cool hands-free blue-tooth device for ears. Etcetera & Telephone . With color-way names like this, how can one elude? Yellow, Lilac You Mean, Drop me a Lime it, & Frankly Scarlett.

This elegant model Jawbone, named “Jawbone Prime”

I can not speak for the exact working nature of the this cool device as I don’t have 1 attached in my ear, but a little read for judgment: four freshtastic flavors, no earhook, plastics & Size reduced can make you inspired to grab one.

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E'llipse Traveler Watch

Minimal & Sleek ? find out. Ood-les of technology? find out, Large screen? find out, find out and find out The “E’llipse Traveler Watch” is the watch to finish all wristwatches. y? Becoz it has a elegant processor & the latest mathematical in human machine learning. Yes it will make you to learns! E’llipse Traveler watch knows what you actually want & keeps you updated. Thats not all. Bluetooth & ZigBee modules enable indoor navigation, which is an impossible element for the GPS. UI is based in it - 1 for every kind; weather, time, calendar & a customized API lets developers get invented.

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Grasshopper Bicyle that Folds and Generates Electricity

This Grasshopper type “foldable electric bicycle” can turns into a trolley easily to use as transport.The composite materials of the bicycle provides strength & rigidity . The purpose of the design is to satisfy bicycle lovers who are live in cities/places where the configured of the terrain is too terrible (hills:cough). it can turn into a non-moving exercise bike

battery charges of the bicycle via regenerative braking and through non-moving bicycling. David Goncalves designed this bike in the 2008 & won 12th International Bicycle Design Competition a Merit Prize.

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Health Conscious Tracking Phone

Conscious phone enables users to find out their health via fitness and nutrition. Other function of this cell phone with similar goals (run a 5k or lose weight) communicate together to actuate, Conscious phone is enable with e-Nose technology in order to “smell” and acknowledge foods eaten by its unique chemic signature. It pursue intake wherever you go, and will sporadically analyse information to let you know the missing food group.

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Honda Cub Motocycle

Sam Jilbert presents The Honda Cub motorcycle that utilizes the prospective for a radically revized layout, distributed with convention due to its use of a hydrogen fuel cell. For so long has mankind had used to the internal combusted engine with its incredible limitations of form and package layout, but now its totally updated and interesting concept. The Cub is very applicative & concept takes it to the new level, with the agitative image and being environmentally accountable, the new Cub should attract to young trendy market and the young city professionals in general.

Grossy Shoes Hanger

Just imagine a small grassy portion on your wall with adjustable hooks to hang your shoes on it. That is the cool idea behind Hyun Jung Lee’s Shoe Picnic, because every footwear has its own place. Now you can project your shoes in real cool way ..

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Cozy-T Tea Pot

Cozy-T teapot caters to the future of tea drinkers. To regenerative the users emotions and senses this Cozy-T used a design language of layered biological surfaces that wrap, stretch and break, transforming it into an intriguing take on the classic teapot cozy

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Curvy Bike

Tinker with it to get high speed and performance thats How would you define a bikes? “Curvy Hidemax Cycle” popped out with the enhance speed,looks, functionality,resistance, comfort and durability. In short tries of it address all big issues that bog a bicycle designer.what the Curvy Bike have got: adjustable height achieved by loosening the grip apparatus around the steering wheel. Instead of down/ up axis, the saddle of the bike can be adjusted to right/ left through its 2 different joint points. The design includes Twins Shock Absorbers that are placed onto the back of the bicycle so that you can enjoy a bump-free ride!

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Nokia 8800 Sirocco Phone

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold, one of its most beautiful Cellphone, Nokia Recently produced this new elegant style cell phone. 18-carat gold plating with a contemporary flair, resulting in an excellent display, style and elegance. The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold is launched in US initially.

A cool sliding mechanism reveals a high resolution 2mp camera & the ergonomic and intuitive keypad. More “inner beauty” of the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold include a cool “up to 262K colors” color screen, wide range of messaging functions. The awesomeness of the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold is also complement by a coordinators desk stand and multi color-matching Bluetooth headsfree.

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Play Station 4 Clear

This cool play station clear will let you forget all the play station series, Tai Chiem introduced this PSP 4 concept last year. with minimalistic aesthetics & clear material in play station its look much cooler then ever before.

PS4 have got glass/plastic backs and middles with Bluetooth integration. LCD screen(s) on both the System and the controller itself. The aesthetic bone structure for the controller that Playstation has always had. The same quality to turn the system on it’s side which was a super-simple genius feature of the Playstation series.

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