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Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live RSS

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 09:23 AM PDT

There is no time to shed tears over the demise of Google Reader; many of you have probably migrated to another stable RSS Reader. This post is a quick shout-out to all our Yanko Design fans that have been busy with stuff, now is a good time to drop all things and quickly transfer ALL your lists and feeds (including Yanko Design) from Google Reader, before they shut doors permanently. We think readers like Feedly are great. They offer easy migration and can automatically transfer all of your feeds for you.

Wired.com had compiled a list of alternate readers for you and you can pick the one that suits you best. We think Feedly will be a good fit since they offer a standalone web version and its own cloud syncing service. If you act now – before Google Reader shuts down – Feedly will allow you to transfer all of your feeds for you and retain that Google Reader look.

*image courtesy Mashable.

We hope to see all our 250,000+ RSS subscribers through the new channels!

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Daily designer news

Daily designer news

Typographic inspiration for the week-end

Posted: 29 Jun 2013 07:24 PM PDT

To relax a little on the week-end, lay back and check out a little typographic inspiration. If you like typography, make sure to check our Typography Daily blog.

Font of the week: Verb Compressed

Verb Compressed is the condensed version of the Verb font family. You can get the 18 fonts for only $9 for a limited time.



3D Building typography

Some awesome lettering project that transform type into buildings.



An experimental font inspired by smoke movement in the air.


Shanghai keywords

For a change, some cool lettering in Chinese.


Things to come

Some gorgeous stills from H.G. Wells’ movie intro.




When boxing meets typography, a great project by Mucho.



Typo illustrations

Various type illustrations by Matija Blagojevic.


Daily designer news

Daily designer news

WordPress news: June 23 to June 29, 2013

Posted: 28 Jun 2013 04:07 PM PDT

WordPress has become a tool used by millions of designers for much more than creating blogs. Each week we take a look at what's new with WordPress.

For more regular news, tutorials and tricks, check out our blog about WordPress.


360° Panoramic Viewer

This premium responsive plugin helps you to present panoramic photography or artwork.



This plugin adds a widget that allows your users to convert different ingredients to different measurements. You can add as much more ingredients or measurements as you like.




Cacoon is a HTML5/CSS3 responsive business theme. It comes with a useful drag & drop builder.



Titan is a responsive theme for photographers that comes with many gallery display options, different portfolio templates and the ability to password protect your galleries, among other things.



Unlimited is a responsive and flexible wordpress theme with loads of useful options and a timeless clean design. Your able to create any type of layout and any type of style. The possibilities areunlimited.



WordCamp Europe 2013 tickets now on sale

A great opportunity to travel to the Netherlands and meet some WordPress pros.


Blog Platform Comparison Chart

A blog platform comparison chart, a bit biased towards WordPress though.


Tutorials & Tricks

Link to all options

A simple piece of code to add a link to all options in your WordPress admin.

Integrating Multiple Choice Quizzes in WordPress

The second part of a two-parts tutorial on creating a multiple choice quizz WordPress plugin.


The best commercial of the year

Posted: 28 Jun 2013 04:05 PM PDT

If I told you a train safety campaigns would win a record 5 Grand Prix in Cannes, you would probably be surprised.

But once you watch the cute little figures die in every possible dumb way, you will sing along the catchy tune and be wanting to award it a 6th Grand Prix.


Library Chair

Posted: 28 Jun 2013 04:02 PM PDT


A creative and cool chair for spending quality reading time, created by Studio TILT.





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