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15 Photoshop actions to save time designing

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 05:18 PM PDT

This blog introduces you to 15 such Photoshop actions which are free to download and creates stunning effects. For all the photographers, graphic designers and other artists, have a look at the list below and make your design a wonderful one in less time.

1. Vintage Light Leaks

Vintage Light Leaks has been created using gradients which a handy selection for making your design flexible for adding non non-destructive vintage effects to your images.

Vintage Light Leaks

2. Hard Lomo Action

Hard Lomo Action has a set of actions that add a classic lomo-look to your images.

Hard Lomo Action

3. Cross-processing ATN

Cross-processing ATN is a free Photoshop action that gives you a way to recreate the effect digitally.

Cross-processing ATN

4. Sunlight actions

Sunlight actions is designed to enhance and beautify your sunlit photos.

Sunlight actions

5. Night to Twilight

Night to Twilight has a set of 11 actions that convert your night-time images into twilight photos with color cast and lightening the sky.

Night to Twilight

6. 3D Map

3D Map is a brilliant action that converts a flat vector map into an isometric 3D map mockup with three different styles of map i.e. sand, ice and grass.

3D Map

7. Magic 3D

Magic 3D creates sophisticated pseudo-3D extrusions from text, shapes or layers with gloss and highlights.



8. Skin Glow Enhancements

Skin Glow Enhancements as the name suggest improves your skin. It brings skin tones to life with a healthy glow.

Skin Glow Enhancements

9. Pencil Draw

Pencil Draw uses contrast to find the edges in your image and automatically render a pencil sketch effect.

Pencil Draw

10. Photoshop Color Actions 2

Photoshop Color Actions 2 consists of wide range of color treatments including rich grainy black and white, bleach bypass, and some heavy casting effects.

Photoshop Color Actions 2

11. Sticker

Sticker allows you to customize the color of the stickers easily and turn any layer into a cut-out sticker with border and shadow automatically.


12. Denim & Leather

Denim & Leather automatically generates a blue denim texture, ‘sews’ on a leather patch and embosses your own artwork onto the leather.

Denim & Leather

13. Remove White Background

Remove White Background automatically removes white backgrounds with its suite of three actions that allow for different automated processes to strip out the background of your isolated images.

Remove White Background

14. 3D Anaglyph effect

3D Anaglyph effect enables you to turn any image intopseudo-3D anaglyph effect by creating two separate channels for cyan and red, and overlapping them to lift the image off the page.

3D Anaglyph effect

15. Black and White Action

Black and White Action creates a lovely black and white effect with a rich vignette and nice silver/sepia tint to the final treatment.

Black and White Action

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The Kangaroo clock

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 04:56 PM PDT


This clock designed by David Raffouli has a small, useful, pocket that serves as a space to put small stuff. It was named the Kangaroo clock for that reason.

It was built as part of an ongoing collaboration between Fabrica and the italian clocks producer Diamantini&Domeniconi.




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