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Daily designer news

A collection of great ads about social issues

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 09:46 PM PDT

It needs a creative mind to strike people and drive awareness via advertisements. There are several social issues in our society which have negative impacts for both adults and small kids. Your action is what copied by your kids. So act smart and be a part a good human being who is lovable by everyone.

Below are the collections of 10 such great ads about social issues that will shock you and make you think. Have a look!

1. This creative ad shows the premature aging caused by smoking. So, do you want to suffer?


2. Abuse through prostitution steals children's lives.


3. So what's the worst that could happen? Think!


4. Sleep before you drive!


5. For the safety of your brain, wear helmet!


6. Now ladies, guess how much lipstick have you consumed?


7. This is the world where even animals need money.


8. Now this is well said! If you do not move, you get fat.


9. Many adults today are badly in addiction to alcohol which makes them drown in death. So avoid it.


10. If you don't help them feed, then who will?


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Stunning posters about the principles of design

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 09:36 PM PDT


Using paper art, Turkish graphic designer Efil Türk has created some beautiful posters that illustrate the principles of design.

Space, balance, hierarchy,… A total of 10 principles are explained better with clever visuals than they would with pages of text.







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A roundup of the best premium WordPress plugins

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 09:06 PM PDT

The best thing about WordPress is its flexibility. A flexibility that comes from thousands of plugins which can be easily installed to your website to enhance its functionality. By using these helpful tools it's simply to get out the most of WordPress without learning code or having developer skills. You just need to know what you need and depending on your wishes choose the extension for your website.

Without deep WordPress knowledge plugins help you to manage the website appearance, analyze its data, improve SEO and even enrich your blogging efficiency.

Are you eager to know what are the best plugins for your website? Just check out the round up below, we've collected plugins for every type of functionality, all chosen based on their quality, usefulness and popularity.

1. MotoPress Content Editor

This drag and drop visual builder allows you to create beautiful websites without any programming skills. You are able to customize your site, add text, images, buttons, tables and any other content elements and widgets just with a few mouse clicks. MotoPress is completely responsive and can be easily extended with your own shortcodes. The keywords to characterize this plugin are usability and simplicity.


2. WordPress Seo plugin

Useful plugin to optimize your WordPress SEO. It has everything required to provide an excellent result and engage new visitors. The add-on includs a snippet preview, page analysis functionality, images titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps and loads of optimization options. Adding and using this plugin as is easy as a pie.


3. Slider Revolution

Provides you with all necessary tools to show any kind of content on your blog. By using the plugin users can quickly import or export sliders, add tons of unique transition effects and custom animations. It is drag and drop based, responsive with many dimensions and is certified for WPML usage.


4. Backup Buddy

Just imagine that all your website data is disappeared? Oh, a nightmare, yes? To prevent this you need the Backup Buddy WordPress plugin. It enables to run quick, small, frequent backups and complete backups with all your images, themes and plugins. You even can schedule backups, so there is no need to make them every day. This helpful plugin is by far the best one to restore your site quickly and easily.

4. backup-buddy

5. Affiliate WP

An affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress which tracks referral links from your affiliates. It can be integrated directly with all major E-Commerce and membership plugins. Supplies extensive reports about referrals, affiliates and visits and offers an easy to use area for affiliates partners to login and see the statistics of sales.

5. Affiliate-WP

6. CommentLuv

The plugin is a great all in one solution for comment management. It builds connections, rewards commenters, defends website from spam and even provides incentives to share your content to the social networks. CommentLuv makes it easy to add twitter names to comments and never miss a reply on the contributed posts.

6. commentluv

7. Easy Coming Soon

Need to hang a beautiful coming soon page to collect users' emails? Easy Coming Soon plugin is a great solution. It helps you to quickly add fonts, logo and custom background without single line of code. By using the  plugin you can also create landing and underconstruction pages. Two predefined themes are a good starting point for your online project.


8. Mailchimp plugin

This super handy plugin is the best choice to easily add signup forms and checkboxes to your WordPress website.  It is really simple in usage, just choose one of the default themes and create your own custom style using a simple CSS Builder. Thanks to the detailed statistics it helps you to understand what checkbox converts best and increase your user base.

8. mailchimp

9. Google Web fonts

Google Web fonts for WordPress is one more super useful premium plugin in our set. It allows you instantly access  over 200 Google fonts and take a full control over typography on your website. There is no need to worry about is your plugin up-to-date or not and load new fonts to your theme, the plugin will do this for you by updating your font list automatically.


10. Contact form 7

Need to create contact forms for your WordPress site? Contact Form 7 is the most popular plugin for managing multiple contact forms. It'll save you countless hours of time and development and help to accomplish everything you have in mind. The usage is intuitive and very simple.

10. Contact-form-7

More to add to the best premium WordPress plugins?

WordPress is a great CMS and plugins are what make it really prominent.Let us know in the comments what other add-ons make your WordPress development life easier.

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