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Autonomous Travel Pod

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 09:47 AM PST

Inspired by biomimicry & artificial intelligence, Autonomo is a fully autonomous vehicle designed to alleviate traffic congestion & maximize the use of existing road networks in large cities in a complex, synchronized system. Autonomo’s on-board computer will make real-time decisions to control direction, detect surrounding objects, anticipate events, and maintain awareness of the environment. Imagine each pod as an individual organism within a much larger pack. Can’t wait for this!

Autonomo vehicles respond to the city's mobility needs in total synchronization and coordination which each individual vehicles’ task. The vehicles will act as a single organism across the entire city's road network with the sole task of safe, fast, energy efficient transportation. The Autonomo vehicles will move through the city's road network like a school of fish, using everything it has learnt to conserve energy and work together.

In developing Autonomo, research into biomimicry revealed many insights into how energy was conserved when valued as a scarce resource that needs to be constantly replenished. Other findings included the organization and collaboration between large numbers of individual organisms to form a collective whole. There are many examples of this in the animal kingdom where certain species act in collective unity to achieve each individual’s common goals.

Autonomo will use overlapping layers of sensors and combine the strengths of each to build an artificial 3D picture of the world in real time. The sensors could include radar, microwave, lidar, optical and infrared. Lidar and laser could be used to scan the road for vehicles up to 200 meters in front and behind. An array of high definition cameras used in conjunction with object recognition technology can read lane markers and road signs, interpret human gestures, detect road signs, and predict the path of pedestrians, cyclist, vehicles, hazards and other objects. Different types of microwave sensors will be tasked to accurately determine very close distances around the vehicle and also scan the road surface conditions ahead. Infrared could compliment other types of sensors like optical cameras where line of sight may be impeded due to objects or weather conditions.

Underneath the nanoscale surface texture, Autonomo will have two transparent photovoltaic layers to turn solar energy into electricity. It uses advanced lightweight batteries to store energy and is able to be charged wirelessly in minutes though electrodynamic induction or energy transfer lasers. High-volume roads or lanes could have induction charging pads placed on the surface to wirelessly charge vehicles as they are moving. When in platoon mode, the Autonomo vehicles would also share energy with vehicles at the front of the platoon.

Designer: Charles Rattray


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Smooth Operator

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 01:00 AM PST

The Eclipse DECT Wireless Home Phone consists of a base unit and handset embedded together in a single and continuous ellipsoidal form factor. With no visible signs of a display or keypad, the Eclipse conforms to the minimalist school of thought in design. It features a crystal clear display and High Quality Duplex speakerphone, amongst other standard stuff. I like it!

Designer: Sebastien Sauvage


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Not Just a Paper Bag

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 12:03 AM PST

Designer Casey Ng may have been inspired to create the BoxBag specifically as a quick and easy way of transporting and serving the Kiwi native’s famous New Zealand fish and chips, but I see many more practical applications for this clever design. An intuitive perforated strip around the bottom, rigid half of the bag can be removed in seconds, separating the top half and leaving a good-size container for serving the contents. Perfect for lunches, picnics or carrying anything else where easy access is beneficial.

Designer: Casey Ng


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Let the Dresser Do the Thinking

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 12:01 AM PST

Snappy Dresser uses a system based on common sense reasoning that matches clothes styles and functions with the concepts needed for the context. The system returns suggestions for complete outfits and the selected outfit is recorded as the user’s feedback to the system’s recommendation for a particular occasion. For instance- a set of a set of clothes that the user initially selected for swimming will be matched to the activity and they will be suggested the next time swimming is the occasion.

Designer: Nelly Trakidou


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(Let the Dresser Do the Thinking was originally posted on Yanko Design)

Let’s Talk About Sex: Up Close and Personal with D.C.

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 12:00 AM PST

Shhh! Sex is a taboo topic in most countries including the land of Kamasutra! However this no-holds-bar interview with designer D.C. from LELO, gives us an insight into the daily life of a designer who like-it-or-not has to deal with sex and pleasure on a daily basis! His current hit is the Tiani, a premium pleasure toy that is flying off the shelves; ensuring their proud new owners a very naughty Christmas!

YD: If you were not designing pleasure toys you would be…..

DC: … a Furniture Designer. For me it's about form following function, cutting out the unnecessary details to make a valued and stylish addition to people's lives.

YD: What makes the Tiani so special and what do you consider is its biggest USP?

DC: I'm really pleased how Tiani ended up and of course it's one of the world's first motion-controlled sex toys – there are only 3 and they all come from LELO. This means couples can create vibration patterns with movements of a wireless remote, something no other company offers. This is probably the biggest USP, but also the fact women can wear it during intercourse to bring extra pleasure to both partners… that is what has made it so commercially viable. Combining striking design with high technology for such an intimate purpose… that for me makes Tiani stand out as a design object – but then I would say that, wouldn't I?

YD: People always shy away from talking about vibrators openly, as a designer does this lack of openness hamper your designing process?

DC: My friends and colleagues are all very open on this topic and willing to share opinions and experiences. Perhaps my views on the matter are skewed, seeing how most of my time is spent among people who are either other designers or those who live and breathe sex toys. When it comes to the designs and their purpose, nothing is taboo anymore, and nor should it be.

YD: There was a time when sex toys were considered crass; this is no longer true. Do you think the consumer perception of sexual pleasure has tipped towards sophistication over these years?

DC: Absolutely; sophisticated design is certainly driving the luxury sex toy industry at the moment. I personally think that it's partly due to people's perception of themselves and increasing knowledge about products of this kind. That said, you'll see some pretty funky stuff out there – some of just for the sake of being so, but that I think is one of our proud points at LELO; that nothing is arbitrary. Every curve, texture, every button placement – it all serves a distinct purpose.

YD: Do colors play an important role in designing pleasure toys?

DC: Color goes into forming your first impression of anything. I think the more pertinent importance of color with LELO toys however is that we're a luxury brand, and luxury means quality as well as aesthetics. They are hugely important and give our customers a choice of what product they desire the most.

YD: What kind of materials work best while designing pleasure toys?

DC: That would be silicone. The silicone that we use to make our Pleasure Objects is the highest grade offered by any manufacturer; it's easy to clean and non-porous, so no bacteria can stay on the surface that can't be washed away. From the aesthetic viewpoint, silicone works on sex toys because it looks fantastic – LELO adds an additional coating to give it this distinct matte finish which is ridiculously smooth as well. It can also be molded into any shape while the color really pop and stand out.

YD: What was the biggest challenge you faced while designing the Tiani?

DC: To be honest it was finding the exact shape that makes it pleasurable and comfortable for both partners when worn during lovemaking, while maintaining the same design language as the rest of the Insignia line. Also to come up with a design that fits all the technical components (motor, battery, antennae, microprocessor) while keeping noise levels low… it was a challenge, but with our team we got there in the end.

YD: Which is more exciting, designing for men or for the ladies?

DC: As a man, I think designing for ladies is more exciting. Making a woman's Pleasure Object and getting rave reviews is a very satisfying thing, and the feeling never gets old.

YD: What or who inspires you the most?

DC: There are many things across many industries – more than you would think – but I guess if you asked me what inspires me strictly in terms of designing Pleasure Objects, it would be women. More precisely, the question of what they want; what drives me is not the quest for the one LELO to cover every preference – such a toy does not currently and will never exist. But rather that there is a LELO for every preference, and I'm just searching for that next design.

YD: Our standard YD question to all the designers we interview: which is your favorite color and why?

DC: Black. There are so many possibilities with black, because everything matches with it, and that opens up a lot of avenues with the look of anything you're about to create. More generally however, I like black because to me, it's mystical.

BIO: After spending 5 years cutting his teeth designing mobile handsets, D.C. was appointed Lead Product Designer at LELO, world leader in intimate objects. For the past 3 years, D.C. has been applying his singular eye for usability and ergonomics to some of the most popular vibrators on the market today, starting with the LELO SIRI Pleasure Object in 2010, and most recently, the SenseMotion Insignia range of remote-controlled, motion-sensitive couples’ massagers that have broke industry sales records upon hitting the market in October 2011.


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(Let's Talk About Sex: Up Close and Personal with D.C. was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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