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12 websites that use big typography beautifully

Posted: 27 Aug 2014 01:57 AM PDT

Big typography for web design has been very popular and trendy for a few years already. Its main advantage is the powerful impact it can have on the readers, and the efficiency in getting simple messages accross.

In this post we showcase some of the best examples of big typography in web design, an inspiration if you are thinking about creating your own.

1. The Pete Design

Website – A multi-disciplinary designer that uses narrow headline fonts to shout important keywords to the readers.


2. Austin East Ciders

Website – A gorgeous website that uses the style of its labels, rough script type, for beautiful titles on its front page.


3. Visualbox

Website – A minimalist title for this website, with tight kerning and quick directions to important links.


4. Carsonified

Website – Big rounded type for one of the most popular web design companies.


5. Von Dutch

Website – Big type and an animated scrolling, a gorgeous website.


6. Trent Walton

Website – The web designer’s website uses huge type for titles, and big type for body text. An excellent idea that makes the site extremely readable.


7. La Bubbly

Website – Beautiful and well-decorated typography for this website’s titles.


8. Lorenzo Ciglioni

Website – The key selling points of this designers are the first thing you will see, the second is a neat effect on scrolling.


9. Polargold

Website – The big words have the lower part cutted, and a cool effect on hover.


10. Fluid Type

Website – A beautiful layout for an article about fluid type in web design. Published on Trent Walton’s website (also featured above).


11. Rule of Three

Website – When you sell words, it’s good to make these words beautiful on your website. That’s exactly what Rule of Three did.


12. Tictail

Website – An online store creation tool that goes straight to the point on its website.


Did you use big typography on your website?

If you did, share your website in the comments, we’d be happy to check it out.

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For our Swiss readers: 3D printing at the Contraste Gallery

Posted: 27 Aug 2014 12:43 AM PDT


If you are in Switzerland and not too far from the city of Fribourg, you may be interested in joining us on September 6, 2014.

The Contraste Gallery, in which I contribute actively, will be hosting Fribourg’s Fablab to demonstrate how 3D printing works and answer any question you may have on the topic.

Some demo prints will be launched at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00. Other 3D printing experts will also be there, like Dominique Vienne de GloomySpark.com and GĂ©vard Clavien of Repsody.com.

If you plan to come, just use the following plan to find directions. You can also help to promote the even on Facebook or Google+!

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Minimalist posters on design vocabulary

Posted: 26 Aug 2014 11:19 PM PDT


10 posters from the 10 keywords taken from Philippe Daverio’s history of design lectures at Politecnico di Milano. A collaborative project by Matteo Morelli and Giovanni Manzini.









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