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Daily designer news

10 free paint Photoshop textures packs

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 06:48 PM PDT

A texture is the basic fundament which a designer must know in order to build a reliable basement for the attractive design work. The core task with the texture is to find the most appropriate way to combine colors and visual effects. There are diverse texture art and for your ease, here we have collection of 10 free paint Photoshop texture packs. Have a look at it below.

1. 9 big textures – Like Oxygen by yunyunsarang


Click here for more info.

2. 14 big textures – nova burst by yunyunsarang


Click here for more info.

3. Textures 01 – Stock Pack by kuschelirmel-stock


Click here for more info.

4. Textures – Paint Chips by onecoldcanadian


Click here for more info.

5. Paper Textures Pack 2 by blacklacestock


Click here for more info.

6. Splat Textures – Unrestricted by emothic-stock


Click here for more info.

7. Paint Grunge Texture Pack by webgoddess


Click here for more info.

8. Tie die and Paint texture by daintyish


Click here for more info.

9. artsy textures by Supriya Manandhar


Click here for more info.

10. paint_textures by Loupiotte


Click here for more info.

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Upgrade your gaming empire: 10 best games WordPress themes

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 04:42 PM PDT


Games create a second reality. They can turn a common office worker into a daemon-slayer or car races. They can make you a hero of a story worth reading, or let you communicate in the environment that never existed on Earth.

But why are they called a second reality? What we get from them is not less real then what we get out of our daily experiences. We develop our will-power, reinforce desire to win and overcome the obstacles. We learn to give everything a second try, not to be afraid of difficulties and misfortunes and, sometimes, even to cheat in order to get what we want. Gaming space is a training ground where we model our behavior and reassert our winner approach to life. Moreover, game world is probably the best place to distress and blow the steam off. It is much more effective then releasing anger and tension by punching a pillow. Games reward you for beating the obstacles and reestablish healthy belief in one’s competence.

At present games win over audiences with their high resolution graphics, atmospheric landscapes and elaborated elements that make in-game experience seem real. To effectively present different games a website should also reflect these concepts. Being tech-savvy, atmospheric and carefully designed, it will attract gamers rather then push them off with its outdated look. A gaming website that reflects what people are looking for in games is the best place for joining and staying in touch with the gaming community of today. Fortunately, you do not have to design it all from scratch like back in the 90s and can get a high-quality eye-candy just within 15 minutes with a predesigned theme.

Why a Pre-designed Theme Beats a Custom Design?

1) It lets you win time. You do not have to take trouble over finding a right designer and elaborating everything from scratch. No long expectation as it is already there.

2) It saves your funds up to 10 times. I bet you have alternatives how you can productively use them.

3) It is easy to install and adjust. Multiple options will give it a unique outlook that beats custom designs. Technical support is available 24/7.

4) Great images that come with the theme become your property. You can reuse them as long as you want.

In this post we have selected 10 best up-to-date templates that will revamp your game empire. Take a closer look at them and launch a new generation gaming universe with one of them!

In Motion: Games Responsive WordPress Theme

This dynamic two-color theme conveys the sleekness of dark grey combined with the energy of basic green. Domination of pictures in the theme layout allows you to demonstrate all the highlights of your place.


Details | Demo

Color Mosaic: Game Reviews WordPress Template

This template introduces a bright multi-color layout. It will perfectly accommodate different game genres and types and is attractive for gaming audiences of various age and interests.


Details | Demo

Best Tradition Billiard Club WordPress Design

This design has some retro feeling to it. Handwriting elements and chamfered angles give a feeling of comfort, luxury and relaxed atmosphere that accompanies best billiard facilities.


Details | Demo

Stylish Billiard Club WordPress Theme

This theme shows that billiards is something more then just a pastime. There is a geometrical beauty behind it, a tradition of how everything should go, a set of rules that make it refined. Demonstrate that your club sticks to the best standards of the game with this visually rich theme.


Details | Demo

Game Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Orange modules of this theme remind of tongues of flame and urge to enter the action of the game. Large lightbox allows to bring the featured images from the best games to the spotlight.


Details | Demo

Mysterious Realities: Games Responsive WordPress Design

This dark mysterious design will be great for any content connected with role games. It creates an atmosphere of dark magic and promises a realistic gaming experience. Unusual grid layout will attract additional attention.


Details | Demo

Blood-spotted: Game Portal WordPress Theme

Dramatic red and clandestine white give a feeling of structure as well as dramatic touch to your website. The main message of your webpage is “Act!” as intricate plots and life-and-death situations await gamers on your page.


Details | Demo

The Spirit of Combat Game Portal WordPress Design

This dimmed theme will perfectly reflect the spirit of combat and action games. Weapons, defence technologies and roughness of severe confrontations will find the best support with this reserved design.


Details | Demo

Call of Duty: Game Portal WordPress Theme

There’s no place for sob-stuff in heat of a real battle. Sheen of steel and dust over faces. Demonstrate how realistic gaming experience can be with this tree-color theme.


Details | Demo

Danger Addiction: Games WordPress Template

Toxic green is often featured in shooting and action games. At the same time, this shade of green is the colour of witches and dark magic. Mysterious light in black night is a perfect winning combination for your website.


Details | Demo

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