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Daily designer news

Design deals for the week

Posted: 20 Jun 2014 10:14 PM PDT

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Headline fonts bundle

Mr Lucky, Mr Black and Mrs. Lollipop all come with a variety of weights and styles, combining for a total of 21 different fonts! Mix in easy background color options, alternate glyphs and more, and you’ll be bringing the jam to your latest project!

$22 instead of $110 – Get it now!




Massive vector bundle

Courtesy of the artistic folks over at Vector Toons, you can snag yourself a gigantic collection of more than 1,700 vector graphics! Use these bad boys on any project from websites to T-shirts, taking advantage of the full scalability that comes with vectors.

$17 instead of $1704 – Get it now!


30 vintage vector logos

Vintage logos have such a warm, friendly appeal to them, don’t they? So jump on this latest Mighty Deal from Hustle Supply Co., and get yourself a collection of 30 gorgeous, hi-res vintage logo templates. Fully customizable, you can work these artistic masterpieces into your latest work of art, no matter the size or scope.

$17 instead of $50 – Get it now!


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10 ways to become a more productive designer

Posted: 20 Jun 2014 07:32 PM PDT


No one is born perfect but being a perfectionist is what everyone desires for. To reach that perfect level, all you need to do is make mistakes. Yes, you heard it right! Because without making a mistake, you'll not get an opportunity to learn new. Life is all about improving yourself and being as productive as possible with the precious time you are given.

As a designer, you might be willing to kiss the level of perfection at your work and today in this blog post, I am here with 10 different ways to become a more productive designer. Here it goes:

1. Keep a task list

With your busy life schedule, it's likely to forget things. Keeping a task list will ensure you remember everything you need to do. Simply organize you task list based on priority and importance. Then cross things as soon as you accomplish them.

2. Be familiar with keyboard shortcuts

Many of the works are done quickly (which ultimately saves your time) by following keyboard shortcuts. So learn some essential keyboards shortcuts for programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator that end up saving you many hours in the long run.

3. Update your computer software and keep it away from malwares

Computers are valuable assets for any designer as they to work on daily basis in it. That's why it's important to make sure your computer is running at its peak performance, so be sure to patch up your computer at least once a week.

4. Search for sources of design inspiration

For any artist, inspiration is the utmost factor that leads to success. For designers, there are plenty of places to find inspiration such as design shows, museums, online portfolios and graphic design galleries.

5. Get more involved in the design community

Share and gain knowledge via joining various design forums, commenting on blogs, writing articles and speaking at seminars. These are just a few of the ways to become more involved in the design community.

6. Go to design events, shows and learning seminars

Several seminars on design conferences, evens and training occur every year. So don't miss the opportunity to gain most knowledge and sharp your skills being a part of these seminars.

7. Join graphic design organizations

One of the best ways to get access to resources and network is to join graphic organizations. The Graphic Artists Guild and AIGA are just a few of the organizations you should consider joining.

8. Don't be afraid to ask for help

It's not necessary that you know everything. If there are things that you are not known to then go and ask for help rather than pretending that you know. You can kindly ask either ask some professionals or post on forums.

9. Use Google Reader and follow design blogs along with calendar

Google Reader is a great online RSS reader that will allow you to easily follow all your favorite design blogs. And Google Calendar is an awesome free piece of calendar software that helps you organize all your important events.

10. Do hand exercise every few hours to help combat carpal tunnel syndrome

Continuous use of keyboard 8 hours a day for years may end you with messy hands. So follow some hand exercise tips few times a day. This helps to prevent from long-term damage to your hands.

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