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Daily designer news

Typographic inspiration for the week-end

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 04:44 PM PST

To relax a little on the week-end, lay back and check out a little typographic inspiration. If you like typography, make sure to check our Typography Daily blog.

Font of the week: Sharik Sans

Although Sharik Sans is a sans serif, you can feel a calligrapher's touch in its subtle details and endings. They shine out, especially at display sizes.

The family consists of nine weights plus matching italics. It meets most of the needs designers deal with on a daily basis, including web usage.



100° type

At what temperature does typography start melting? According to this type experiment it is at 100°.



Awesome typographic poster made by Airside.


Kentucky process

Nice card design by Derrick Castle.


Igarashi Alphabet

This book, “Igarashi Alphabets: From Graphics to Sculptures” showcases quite a few typographic projects and experiments in both 2D and 3D mediums.




Tons of great calligraphy work to be seen on Greg Papagrigoriou’s website.


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