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Daily designer news

Branding terror: a book on the logos of terrorist organizations

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 07:45 PM PDT


Terrorist organizations are quite often spread around several countries, making them de facto multinational “corporations”. Knowing this and the way they organize their communication, it is not surprising how professional their branding can be.

Branding Terror is the first comprehensive survey of the visual identity of the world's major terrorist organizations, from al-Qaeda and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to the Tamil Tigers. Each of the 60-plus entries contains a concise description of the group's ideology, leadership, and modus operandi, and a brief timeline of events. The group's branding is then analyzed in detail.






Freebies wednesday

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 05:59 PM PDT

Every wednesday, we share a few freebies that'll make your designer toolbox a bit more useful.

Icon deposit CSS3 UI kit

This UI kit includes everything from GUI switches and buttons, to radio buttons and checkboxes.


Free Doodle Icons Vector Set

60 vectors icons that look like doodling. Get it on Vecteezy.


4 wood grain brushes

A nice set of Photoshop brushes for download on Bittbox.


Old paper textures

High-resolution textures of early 20th century paper. Download on Lost & Taken.


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