Daily designer news

Daily designer news

WordPress news: February 17 to February 23, 2013

Posted: 22 Feb 2013 04:52 PM PST

WordPress has become a tool used by millions of designers for much more than creating blogs. Each week we take a look at what's new with WordPress.


Add featured image to RSS feed

As its name indicates, this plugin let’s you add a thumbnail image to your articles in your RSS feed.



A free WordPress business theme brought to you by FlyerZone.



Introducing Twenty Thirteen

The theme for WordPress 3.6 just made it into the core of the development version. The dev team has decided to be less conservative for this theme and tried to experiment more. Read more about it or just check a demo of the theme.


Redesigning Automattic’s websites

St├ęphane Thomas wrote a long article about redesigning the many websites of Automattic for consistency.


Tutorials & Snippets

How to easily make WordPress images responsive

Making images in WordPress responsive is actually very easy and straightforward, discover how on WP Recipes.

Object-Oriented WordPress Plugin Development

Tom McFarlin takes a look at why and how to make your WordPress plugins object-oriented.


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