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6 infographics to help you better understand WordPress

Posted: 16 Aug 2012 05:38 PM PDT

Like most web designers, I didn’t go through school education to learn how to use WordPress. The process of learning went through reading books, trying tutorials, studying great designers themes, and finally checking some images, charts and infographics that visually gave me a better understanding of WordPress. Following are some infographics that will give you a better understanding of WordPress.

1. WordPress database structure

Source and bigger image

Whether you create WordPress themes, edit thems, or create plugins, you may need to communicate with the database and find the information you need. This diagramm helps you to make sense of it much quicker by showing the structure and relations between the tables.


2. WP_Query vs query_posts() vs get_posts()

Source and bigger image

Despite the use of Comic Sans, this flowchart is very helpful to decide how to call for posts within or out of the WordPress loop.

3. Basic WordPress theme anatomy

Source and bigger image

A visual dedicated to explain the basic anatomy of a WordPress theme to beginners.

4. The anatomy of a WordPress theme

Source and bigger image

Created by famous WordPress consultant Yoast, this infography goes deeper in explaining the anatomy of a WordPress theme.

5. WordPress template hierarchy

Source and bigger image

Having a good understanding of WordPress’ template hierarchy can help you save a good amount of time, at least this chart did this for me. I chose the version created by WPtuts+ because it seemed more appealing visually to me, but the WordPress Codex contains a more detailed and up-to-date version of this chart.

6. The WordPress loop

Source and bigger image

If you are not a coder, the loop can be one of the trickiest things to get around in WordPress. This chart helps you to understand how the loop works.

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