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Daily designer news

PlugBug iPad/iPhone charger

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 01:05 AM PDT

Great dual charger for iPad and iPhone created and sold by TwelveSouth, an awesome, simple and useful product.

My experience with WebHostingBuzz

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 09:21 PM PDT

About 6 months ago, I announced Designer Daily’s partnership with WebHostingBuzz. I had enough time now to verify whether my decision to collaborate with them was a good one or not. Here are some thoughts on that web host and its services.

Designer Daily’s experience

I have to say that I’m delighted with our experience so far. First, the transfer was a snap thanks to the constant support of WebHostingBuzz. Once the transfer completed, the results on Designer Daily’s traffic and monetization were very quick, thanks to the better uptime and faster server. I also asked a lot of questions to technicians and got answers within the hour every time.

What’s good about WebHostingBuzz?

WebHostingBuzz has datacenters around the world, with support teams in each datacenter. This means 24/7 support and great service.

They also have a wide range of hosting plans, suitable for small individual websites to large companies’ websites, you should definitly find what you need there.

For designers who look for a web host, I’d suggest the silver reseller plan that has a special offer now, with the free transfers of accounts if you move from other hosts. You’ll get unlimited cPanels, just what you need for your clients.

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