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10 awesome Pinterest style WordPress themes

Posted: 16 Apr 2014 10:27 PM PDT

As usual with new designs, the popularity of Pinterest also contributed to popularize Pinterest style layouts. WordPress theme creators quickly identified this demand and created Pinterest style WordPress themes that took advantage of the Masonry layouts.

In this post, we take a look at the best designed Pinterest style WordPress themes that will prove useful if you try to build a picture board with WordPress.

1. Pinfinity

Pinfinity is a theme that clones Pinterest and makes the design even more elegant. Cool features make it even more convenient, like the option to mark posts as favorites, post formats support, responsive layouts or a built-in audio player.


2. Pinboard

In this list, Pinboard is probably the theme that is the most like Pinterest in terms of design and functionalities. It has the famous “infinite scroll” feature, as well as a welcome message functionality or multiple stack layout options.


3. Pinable

With its advanced control panel, Pinable is a very good Pinterest style WordPress theme that works perfectly for an image board. It has search engine optimization, custom widgets and ad management capabilities.


4. Notebook

Notebook is a gorgeous WordPress theme for creating personal image boards. It is less of a Pinterest clone, but it has amazing features like the multimedia integration, theme options, shortcodes or page templates.


5. The Wall

The Wall comes equipped with powerful theme options that let you control all of its vital aspects; grid (size, color), font (size, color, family), backgrounds, navigation … literally everything. You'll never need to mess up with CSS to change color of the links, sidebar background color, font-size, titles size, etc…


6. Clipboard

Clipboard makes a nice use of the stack layout that makes it a Pinterest style WordPress themes. It has some of the best features, like the LIVE theme customizer, built-in fonts, a responsive layout, and much more…


7. Quickly

Quickly is a well-designed theme that takes advantage of the Pinterest style layout. It has a beautiful default colors scheme (but it’s customizable) and a slight difference in the layout with the titles coming before the images.


8. Pinstrap

Pinstrap is a more image-centered Pinterest style WordPress themes. It is responsive and comes with infinity scroller for the homepage. It has theme options and a colorbox lightbox effect.


9. Pintores

Pintores is a responsive and colorful WordPress theme for image boards. Don’t worry, if the colors are too bright for you you can change the scheme.


10. Spaces

Spaces is a clean, minimal, fully responsive, grid-based personal blog to write and collect your favorite things. The unique Pinterest style layout is perfect for showcasing your work, and collecting and writing about the things you like.


Do you create your own Pinterest style WordPress themes?

If you created your own Pinterest style WordPress themes, make sure you share it in the comments, we love to discover new resources that we may have missed.

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Freebies wednesday

Posted: 16 Apr 2014 08:14 AM PDT

Every wednesday, we share a few freebies that'll make your designer toolbox a bit more useful.

Designers essentials

This great freebie designed by Freepik for Designer Daily is still available for anyone who subscribes to Designer Daily.


Photoshop font detector

Photoshop Font Detector is a free Photoshop plugin which helps designers detect fonts from any flattened image via WhatTheFont service. All you need to do is create a selection area on the image, and the software will do the rest.


Layer exporter for Illustrator

A panel for Adobe Illustrator which lets you automatically export every layer to SVG, PNG or JPG files and generates HTML & CSS files.


Hipster icons

A cool collection of hipsterish objects designed with a flat style.


A4 Psd Flyer Mock-Up

This is a A4 presentation psd flyer mockup to help you showcase great mini A4 poster and flyer. It uses smart layers to let you easily drag and drop your designs.


Thin icons

A small set of good looking pixel perfect thin icons.


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17th century hip hop artists

Posted: 16 Apr 2014 06:52 AM PDT


Amar Stewart, a London based artist, created some unconventionnal paintings where hip-hop artists are painted in a renaissance style. The results are surprisingly good, I’d love to see some vinyl covers with these.





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Europe then and now

Posted: 16 Apr 2014 06:27 AM PDT


Photographer Peter Macdiarmid has created a series of then and now photos that show images of World War I in Europe overlaid on the European locales as they appear today. European cities haven’t changed that much apparently.





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